Tomma Bloom

Image: Tom Lerental, Courtesy of Tomma Bloom

About Tomma Bloom

Tomma Bloom is a multidisciplinary design studio providing surface design solutions for interior.

Textile design is the foundation of their creative practice. They create tactile, joyous, and playful objects that illustrate textile design as a visual language.Through ever-evolving material research, they work to redefine the tools of our trade - pattern, structure, form, and color – into tangible experience. Their innovative work translates pattern design into three-dimensional wall covers and architectural elements, as well as upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, and tiles for both residential and commercial interior.

Website: Tomma Bloom

The Interlaced Collection

The rugs created with TTW Editions are a part of the Interlaced collection.Interlaced explores the interactions between forms and color, as translated through structured occasions. The collection honors the beauty in the combination of bold patterns with geometric structures and illuminates the energetic power of color.

Curved Rug and Gate Rug were tufted at TTW Editions. Each rug measures 5'x10' and is tufted with 100% New Zeland Wool. Visit Tomma Bloom for more information.
All images courtesy of Tomma Bloom.