Tigerbob by Gossamer Rosen

Image: c/o artist

About Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen

Tigerbob is an artist-founded, artist-led fine art, fashion, and character brand. The brand features the pixel and hand-drawn tiger head and appears in apparel, hand-drawn illustrations, sculpture, apparel, and digital art made by Gossamer Rozen.

Led and supported by artist, designer, and founder Gossamer Rozen, the Tigerbob brand aims not only to preserve the artistry and bespoke nature of Gossamer’s one-of-a-kind artwork, but also to invite like-minded individuals to experience, collect, and share in the in the brand’s core messages around sustainability and art appreciation.

Website: Tigerbob

Limited Edition Rugs

The three rugs fabricated for Tigerbob by TTW Editions are limited edition runs available on the Tigerbob webshop. The designs are based on Gossamer Rosen's unique tattoo flash.

Limited Editions of the Broccoli, Bok Choy and Fish designs are produced by Tuft the World in Philadelphia, and finished and signed by Gossamer Rozen in New York.
Broccoli: 34"L x 28" W
Fish: 40”L x 14.5" W
Bok Choy: 36"L x 24" W
All rugs are tufted with 100% New Zeland Wool. Visit Tiger Bob Store for more information and to purchase.
All images courtesy of Gossamer Rozen.